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Dinner Menu


  • Angel Hair   (天使の髪)
    Quickly fried capellini sparkled with sea salt. Great appetizer with Beer

  • Assorted Tempura   (天ぷら盛り合わせ)
    3pcs Jumbo Tiger Prawns and 7pcs Fresh Seasonal Vegetable

  • Baked Curry   (焼きチーズカレー)
    Melted Mozzarella on the top of baked Japanese style curry rice

  • Crunchy Goat Cheese   (梅しそゴートチーズ))
    Panko crusted and deep fried fresh Goat cheese with sour plum paste and Shiso leaf

  • Fried Cheese Gyoza   (チーズ ぎょうざ) 6pcs
    Deep Fried Mozzarella Cheese and Prochutte in wanton wrap

  • Puri Puri Ebi Mayo   (エビマヨ)
    Jumbo Tiger Prawns lightly battered and coated in creamy spicy sauce

  • Yuji’s Summer Noodle   (冷やし中華)
    Cold Noodle with Chili Shrimp, Cucumber, Thin Egg noodle and Ginger in Sweet soy sauce vinaigrette



  • Ahi Tuna Tataki Salad   (赤マグロのタタキサラダ)
    Seared fresh Ahi Tuna slices with Organic spring mix and Mabui onion dressing

  • Crab Salad   (かにサラダ)
    Real crab, Organic spring mix, lettuce, tomato, masago, daikon, green onion, & mayo with soy olive oil dressing

  • Ebi-Sunomono   (酢の物)
    Japanese Traditional vinaigrette salad with steamed prawn, cucumber, vegetable with clear noodles

  • Mozuku   (もずく酢)
    Vinaigrette Mozuku-seaweed from Okinawa

  • Ohitashi   (ほうれん草のおひたし))
    Quickly boiled fresh spinach and enoki mushroom with flavored soy sauce

  • Tofu Salad   (豆腐サラダ)
    Quickly fried Tofu and Organic spring mix with Mabui onion dressing

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  • Agedashi Tofu   (揚げだし豆腐)
    Quickly fried Tofu with tempura sauce. Ground ginger and green onion on top.

  • Edamame   (枝豆)
    Poached Japanese soybeans sprinkled kosher salt

  • Kinpira   (きんぴらごぼう)
    Sautéed Burdock and Carrot in soy sauce, red hot chili pepper and Sesame oil

  • Mabui Homemade Chips   (自家製ポテチ のり塩)
    Flash fresh fried Homemade potato chips with Lime salt

  • Tofu Dengaku   (豆腐 田楽)
    Irresistible combination of Tofu and aromatic miso

  • Tofu Steak   (豆腐ステーキ)
    Atsuage-Tofu Steak with Barsamic sauce

  • Veggie Tempura   (野菜の天ぷら)
    8pcs Fresh seasonal vegetable Tempura

  • Veggie Kushiage   (野菜の串揚げ)
    Panko crusted fresh seasonal vegetable skewers

  • Rice

  • Miso Soup



  • Chicken Skewers   (チキンの串焼き)
    Chicken thigh with ground spiced chicken skewers

  • Karaage   (鶏の唐揚げ)
    Marinated Deep-fried Chicken

  • MABUI Chicken Katsu   (チキンカツ - 生ハム・モツァレラチーズ入り)
    Prosciutto and mozzarella cheese wrapped in Panko crusted chicken

  • Super Kara Tempura Chicken (鳥天の辛酢ソース)
    Lightly battered Chicken Tempura in slightly spicy sauce

  • Teriyaki Chicken   (チキン照り焼き)
    Famous Chicken recipe with Mabui homemade teriyaki sauce

  • Tsukune   (鶏つくね)
    2 skewers of ground spiced chicken with teriyaki sauce. Add a piece…2.50



  • BBQ Pork   (焼き豚)
    Chef. Mitsuru style roast pork with Busy bee sauce

  • Ginger Miso Pork Saute   (豚の味噌生姜焼き)
    Ginger-Miso-flavored slices of pan fried pork /   very popular dish offering the nice flavor!

  • Raftee   (豚の角煮)
    24 hours slowly stewed cubed pieces of pork. Most famous dish in OKINAWA!!

  • Spareribs with Yakiniku sauce   (本格焼肉風味のスペアリブ)
    This is the Chef Mitsuru style spareribs. Boiled spareribs once and pour over with the Homemade “Yakiniku” (special BBQ sauce) sauce.

  • Ton Katsu   (トンカツ)
    Panko crusted pork cutlet with Japanese sweet BBQ sauce

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  • Beef Tataki   (牛タタキ)
    Seared blue rare Thin Sliced Beef with Yuzu-ponzu sauce

  • Diced N.Y. Steak   (サイコロステーキ)
    Diced AAA sirloin with Garlic ponzu sauce

  • Gobo Beef Maki   (ゴボウと人参の牛肉巻き)
    Stewed Burdock and Carrot wrapped in sliced beef

  • Gyu Shabu   (牛しゃぶのゴマダレ合わせ)
    Quick boiled thin sliced beef with MABUI sesame dressing and shredded vegetables

  • Teriyaki Beef   (照り焼きビーフ)
    Stir-fried thin sliced beef with Teriyaki sauce

  • Yakiniku Beef   (焼肉ビーフ“プルコギ風”)
    Pan fried ½ lb Sliced beef “Bulgogi” style with kimchi



  • Ahi Tuna Wasabi Aeh   (赤マグロのわさび和え)
    Diced fresh Ahi Tuna Sashimi, Cucumber and ripe Avocado, marinated in Wasabi infused soy sauce

  • Assorted Sashimi   ( Mabui 刺し盛り )
    Mabui Style Assorted Sashimi ( tuna, salmon, scallop, prawn, squid, octopus, tobiko and tamago

  • Calamari   (イカの唐揚げ)
    Japanese” SURUME IKA ” flash fried and served with Spicy Sauce

  • Crab Isobe   (かにカマの磯辺揚げ)
    Tempura crab wrapped with seaweed

  • Deluxe Assorted Sashimi  (特上 お刺身の盛り合わせ)
    Ahi Tuna(3), Tuna(2), Hamachi(2), Salmon(3), Amaebi, Hotate, Ikura, Tamago, Ika, Tako,

  • Ebi Gyoza   (えび ギョーザ)
    Mabui Style pot stickers, stuffed with chopped Tiger Prawns

  • Miso Cod   (銀ダラの西京焼き)
    Baked sweet Saikyo-Miso Black Cod with rice

  • Miso Mackerel   (鯖の味噌煮)
    Simmered Mackerel in MABUI style sweet miso sauce

  • Negi Toro Tar Tar   (ネギトロ タルタル)
    Mabui Guacamole top on Minced tuna and green onion dressed with spicy sauce

  • Orange Bay Scallop   (ホタテ天ぷらとオレンジのアリオリ和え)
    Hokkaido Scallop Tempura, chilled and tossed with Tobiko, Fresh Orange and Mabui Ali-oli

  • Prawn Tempura   (エビの天ぷら)
    6pcs Jumbo Black Tiger Prawn Tempura

  • Puri Puri Ebi Mayo   (エビマヨ)
    Jumbo Tiger Prawns lightly battered and coated in creamy spicy sauce

  • Sake Steamed Clams   (あさりの酒蒸し)
    Fresh Asari - Clams Steamed with Sake

  • Salmon Cheek   (サーモンのカマ テリヤキソース
    Quickly fried Salmon cheek covered with Teriyaki sauce

  • Smoke Salmon Carpaccio   (スモークサーモンのカルパッチョ)
    Fresh Daikon radish, cucumber, pearl onion rolled into thin sliced Smoked Salmon with Olive oil Tosazu-Dressing

  • Soft Shell Crab Tempura   (ソフトシェルクラブの天ぷら)
    Quickly fried Soft shell crab comes with Tar Tar sauce and spicy sauce

  • Toro Endive   (ビントロのコチュジャン西京ソース、エンダイブにのせて)
    Tuna belly, Radish with Spicy Saikyo Miso topped on the Belgian endive

  • Yellow Tail Tataki Carpaccio   (ハマチのたたきカルパッチョ風)
    Seared fresh Yellow Tail “Hamachi” slices thinly with Chef Jun’s sour plum sauce

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